Friday, April 5, 2013


Well, most of you know that I work for the local town, here are some views of my job. My co-worker Adam had a car accident, he was lucky to survive. His Uncle was driving and fell asleep, the photo is whats left of the car. The following day,Adam can be seen blow-drying his work boots...??huh?
And the other pics are of me and co-workers contemplating our daily duties. I never knew I was going to be like my father when I grew up. He was a Utility Locator for Niagarga Mokawk(National Grid),,,and now I hold the same title for the Town I work for. On my 11th year.  The day is never the same, It is usually busy and hectic, and my wheels are usually spining b4 i leave the office! I dont mind the job,,when im having a rough day, i remind myself of picking papers and trash, and hauling tires up hills, and throwing bags of cement up onto machines, which was my first Town job at the Landfill......Life is good now. Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

homework sux

well here is my homework that is due this week,,,it sucked,,i hate grids and squares now,,,if you ever wanted to go back to school for fine arts at age 38, dont do it,ul loose more hair than is the homework assignment and my project complete,,,its ok,,now that i have stepped back,,i think its an ok effort.

an old Hulk drawing that i quickly inked

Here is a link to my time lapse video of me painting a creepy skull thingy. It took about 2 hours and was fun! DRAWING CARICATURES AT SARATOGA TATTOO EXPO 2017 FUN FUN,  DID IT LAST YEAR, ...