Monday, February 16, 2015

Vader Brennan

Vader came into my life when I needed him most. He saved me. He gave me purpose, companionship, exercise, responsibility, and unconditional love. He had a wonderful life. I've always admired the Doberman breed. I researched them and found an AKC breeder near my area named Deb Nass. This is not a breed for anyone.! It needs and demands constant attention and exercise. I'm not sure I was actually prepared for this. But now I had NO choice. I promised myself I would not give up on him. I trained him, brought Vader to obedience classes. We actually won 2 awards! Most attentive and best pair! Wow.  I took him to dog parks, friends houses, and even the camp on the great sacandaga lake. 
Above all was the daily routines. He was so good, at night he went right in his crate in my bedroom. Every morning I'd let him out, feed him and let him out once more before work. After work, no matter what the weather, we WALKED, and walked and walked. I did NOT ever miss a day of walking with my Vader. If I was exhausted , we had to walk. Most Doberman owners know what I'm talking about. Most times we would get stopped by people asking questions and admiring how handsome he was. In the winter was tough because I plowed snow and was gone for long hours. This KILLED me! But thanks to my lovely girlfriend Corina, he had bathroom breaks. 
The family loved him, mom dad and my brother may have met him once. 
I have no regrets. He did not suffer in the end. Some of those pics are me and Vader together in his final moments. Vader went out on top of his game, no long term suffering. He lived life to the fullest. Couldn't have had life any better. I love you Vader. No regrets! Friend forever. --Dad.

Vader Brennan 2006-20014 Rest in Peace buddy. DRAWING CARICATURES AT SARATOGA TATTOO EXPO 2017 FUN FUN,  DID IT LAST YEAR, ...