Friday, June 7, 2013

My Artwork Displayed at the Brown Bag, Troy, NY

I have completed a group of oil paintings over the last year that have a dark, apocalyptic, or surreal vibe to them. Nobody goes to galleries anymore, and im not sure a gallery would want to display them. My wonderful girlfriend Corina, has a cousin named Terry Mathews, who happens to own a hamburger joint called The Brown Bag in Troy, New York located on the corner of 4th & Ferry.

It just happens to be my favorite burger joint in the area also. So Corina mentioned to Terry that I have some oil paintings that might fit the atmosphere of the Brown Bag. Keep in mind, the hours of this place were from 6pm until 6am and most of the crowd was RPI & HVCC students, along with the random sleepless or bar hoppers who are out at that time. I believe he has since opened for lunch also. He does great business by the way.

  Ive always admired the funky artwork on the walls and wondered if mine would ever grace the walls. Terry told me to bring the paintings by and throw them up! He even helped by moving some older flyers and a few paintings around to accommodate me. While hanging my work I had 2 employees offer to buy a painting and paint a mural on their bedroom walls! I am very happy  to have this opportunity to have my work displayed at the Brown Bag, and thank you Terry and Corina!

About these works: I was a trained oil painter from Russ Mcmahon doing landscapes. I love landscapes. These works are a bit darker or surreal. I paint without a theme, or too much thought, I just have an idea and have to get it out instantly. I hope you go to the Brown Bg and see my work. Have a burger too-they are the best!

Below is Terry, Corina, & myself hanging the works.(Corina was taking the pics and helping too).